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Family Expression

GFS Sympathy 0712

GFS Sympathy 0812

GFS Sympathy 0612

Sympathy Mache GFS 0106

Sympathy Mache GFS 0107

Sympathy Mache GFS 0108

Sympathy Mache GFS 0109

Sympathy Mache GFS 0110

Religious Expression

GFS Standing Spray 0412

Standing Spray GFS 0206

Standing Spray GFS 0207

Standing Spray GFS 0208

Standing Spray GFS 0209

Standing Spray GFS 0210

Standing Spray GFS 0211

Standing Spray GFS 0212

GFS Casket Spray 1-13

Casket Spray GFS 0306

Casket Spray GFS 0307

Casket Spray GFS 0308

Casket Spray GFS 0309

Casket Spray GFS 0310

Casket Spray GFS 0311

Casket Spray GFS 0312

Satin Cross #1

Satin Cross #2

All-Around Arrangement

Glass Vase Arrangement GFS 0401

Glass Vase Arrangement GFS 0402

Dish Garden Floral Combination

Dish Garden Planter

Floral Cross 1


Floral Cross #2

Moss Cross with Floral Accent

Fireside Basket #2

Open Heart

Multi Floral Heart

Floral Heart

Rose Heart

Carnation Wreath

Rose Wreath

Urn of Roses

Outdoor Theme Piece 1

Outdoor Theme Piece 2

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